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Wells RFC is a Community Amateur Sports Club, or CASC, and is open to all who wish to participate in rugby either by playing, coaching, refereeing or promoting rugby.

  • We currently support Junior players, both boys and girls, from Under 6 to Under 18 and three adult mens teams.
  • We are currently unable to support adult Women, although envisage this for the future.
  • Participation as a coach or referee is subject to satisfying safeguarding and training requirements. 

Details of how to join the club (Registration) or How to Renew your registration (Re-registration) are provided below.

Registration Process

To join the club, click the link at the end of this section. It will take you to the RFUs membership system, known as GMS. Here you can capture the details of all new players and, for Junior players, the details of their parents. 

  • Junior players must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Please have access to a passport style photo for all players, coaches, etc. This can be uploaded as part of the joining process. The system does not enforce this but we do request that a photo is provided for all Juniors and Coaches.
    • The Child photos will not be displayed on websites, but are required on RFU Registration cards which are used by coaches as proof of registration for Festivals and Junior Cup Games.
    • The Adult photos are displayed on club websites, especially for coaches and club officers.

To JOIN the Club, click here.

Annual Re-registration

At the beginning of the season, existing members are requested to affirm that their contact details are still correct and to arrange payment of their annual subscription. For Junior players, this process is completed by a registered parent. 

To start the re-registration process in the RFU's membership system (GMS), click the link at the end of this section. You will need:

  1. Your GMS username, which appears at the bottom of all Club correspondence sent through GMS.
  2. Your GMS password. If you do not know your password, use the Forgot Password functionality to set a new password.
  3. An recent digital passport-style photo for any that need to be updated.

Use the More button beside each person's record to modify any required details. If a new person within an existing family is registering, then he/she may be added as part of this process.

To RE-REGISTER, click here.

Data Protection

The Club uses the RFU's Game management System for all member records. This system, known as GMS, is designed to be compliant with all Data Protection requirements. 
To view the Club's Privacy Statement, please click here.

Help with Registration/Re-registration

There are several videos provided by the RFU for those that experience difficulties with GMS, particularly when registering children. Click here to access the videos.

If all else fails, contact the GMS team. Click here to send them an email.

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